versione italiana
LACRIME D’ARTE was founded in 2009 by Valentina and Riccardo, who desired to engage in art works combining elegance, uniqueness and esthetic functionality.

Their brand symbolically expresses the process of transformation from idea into product. The tear (in Italian, “lacrima”) symbolizes the strenuous path necessary to transform a simple wooden board into a work of art. The creators prefer an artisan and manual approach than the one that characterizes the digital design planning. The former allows them to work following the evolutionary flow in a dimension full of adrenalin and sensitive to emotion and changes.

This maieutic approach is what has surely characterized and made Lacrime D’Arte stand out in various contests. First of all, it is worth mentioning “150 MANI – Centocinquant’anni di saper fare”, an itinerant exhibition that brought their work “Trono metafisico omaggio a De Chirico” from the Regional Museum of Natural Science in Torino, to Noto (in the province of Siracusa, Sicily), Anghiari (in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany), Modena and Bruxelles. At present the collection of Valentina and Riccardo is composed of eleven artworks, unique pieces and limited edition.